When Physical Therapy Network Solutions opened our doors several years ago, a few things were different.  For one, we didn’t have many of the dedicated client and patient relationships that we have now.  Yet, some things, have stayed the same, such as the elements that shape an effective home health care partner--timely documentation, fluid communication, and patient care that you can be proud of.

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At Physical Therapy Network Solutions, our qualified therapists complete paperwork in a timely manner, using your preferred system and procedures, to best serve your needs and the needs of your business.  We don't bill for wasted time or support "in and out" visits; we spend a significant amount of hands-on, personalized time with each and every patient so they can get on, and remain on, the path toward wellness.  Additionally, our therapists and assistants are in direct communication with you throughout the entire process so you promptly receive answers to your questions and concerns from the source that knows best.

In fact, Physical Therapy Network Solutions has become known within the industry for creating customized, long-term care plans for patients struggling with everything from deconditioning and joint replacements to enduring illnesses like Parkinson’s disease.  Our multilingual therapists each possess an average of 15 years of experience assisting patients and empowering them to take charge of their treatment—a goal that your organization and Physical Therapy Network Solutions share. 

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a home health care partner in Southern California… But there’s only one with the expertise, ability, and experience to help you accomplish your business objectives while enabling patients achieve their health goals. 

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss Physical Therapy Network Solutions' qualifications in further detail.  Please feel free to contact us today at NBirdsall.PTNS@GMAIL.com about forging a productive and rewarding relationship.